Protenge was founded in 1986, at that time there was no manufacturer of PPE focused on protection against high temperature, neither in handling heated parts nor activities next to industrial ovens, where the risk of molten metal splash is real and high, not to mention the radiant heat hazard.

Protenge became the first national company specialized against heat protection, as well as the first one to have its quality management system certified to ISO 9001. Nowadays, every product of ours are tested under controlled conditions based on european standards. One of the most important thing in our process is that our engineering department

As a pioneer, Protenge became the first national company to specialize in protection against heat, and also the first to adopt ISO 9001 quality management. Nowadays, all of our products are evaluated in normative tests and have the Approval Certificate (CA). Very important in this whole process is our engineering department, an integral part of an elaborate work structure, to bring safe, comfortable and, above all, reliable PPE to our customers. Throughout its history, Protenge has established alliances and partnerships with foreign companies, suppliers of innovative raw materials. Always updating our technologies, we now automate about 80% of all our production (modeling, cutting and sewing), which guarantees less time for production, but with the same care and affection. Protenge, more than 30 years of history. Thousands of happy families!


Protenge is unique in its area of operation, not only in the high quality of EPI production. In our work process are our biggest products: knowledge and values. We take this intangible product to our prime customers, doing all the study in the processes and place where the employee will work. The applicable rules for the use and protection of the user and the correct types of clothing are some examples. Therefore, we are complete. Nowadays, the objectives of the companies are: to focus on cost reduction, profit and profitable growth. At Protenge you also have a reduction in cost and profitability, but we do not give up what keeps us ahead of the competition: our values!


The search for results with greater efficiency, reduced costs, better reputation and greater market share and competitiveness, can only come safely through quality management.
Quality management is a business improvement process based on cost reduction, increased productivity and continuous quality improvement, items that are essential for organizations to remain in operation.
Quality management is the way of managing the future, it is meeting the demands of our customers, or adapting to the purpose, or the totality of aspects and characteristics of an important service so that’s it can satisfy the required needs. Protenge is the first company in the sector to adopt ISO 9001 Quality Management.


We are aware that none of this would be possible without the trust that our customers, partners and friends have placed in our brand.
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